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Appliance testing

Low High
Appliance testing £50 £100

Electrical appliance testing is usually something that is done in a business environment or in situations where you are letting out your home. But you may also want an electrician to give your appliances the once-over on a regular basis to ensure that they are working safely and efficiently. This is often something that is done in conjunction with having your home rewired or having an inspection of your electrical wiring and supply. It is a small extra job that does not cost much yet provides peace of mind about the safety of the equipment that you use in your home.

You may have seen tested appliances in your workplace or in public spaces. The tested appliances will usually have a small sticker on the plug to show they have been tested and have been passed as safe. The kind of appliances that can be tested fall into two categories: these are fixed appliances and portable appliances. Fixed appliances are ‘wired-in’ or ‘always-on’ appliances such as cookers, whereas portable appliances are anything that you can move around, from a hairdryer to a computer.

Fixed appliance testing

If an electrician comes out to test your fixed appliances then they will concern themselves with testing hardwired appliances that are permanently wired into your electrical system. These are usually things like cooker or heaters that you cannot simply unplug and move around. It is generally agreed that anything over 18kg (39.6lbs) in weight is a fixed appliance.

The test will first involve a visual inspection of the appliances to make sure that cables are not frayed and that the appliance itself is in good condition. The earthing on the appliance will then be tested, then the insulation and finally the functionality. In many cases they will also be able to repair any appliances that are found to be faulty in some way. These are definitely checks that you will want to have carried out if you are a landlord or intend to rent out your home.

Portable appliance testing

Having portable appliances tested will ensure that the electrical items you use on a daily basis are safe. Items such as televisions, microwave ovens and portable heaters are powerful appliances that can be responsible for fires if they are not functioning correctly.

If an electrician comes out to test your portable appliances then they will first carry out a visual assessment of the appliance and its wiring. They will then test the earthing on the appliance, the insulation and its function. Obviously the more appliances that you wish to have tested the more the job will cost, as you are paying for the labour and the expertise of your electrician.

These tests are often undertaken as part of a larger job, such as an inspection of your electrical installation and fuse box. Ask for your electrician’s advice as to whether he thinks that you should have these tests carried out. It is often a good idea to have appliance testing done if you are having problems with your electricity supply fusing regularly or any other problems with your electricity.

Rated People surveyed 40 of our electricians across the country to find out how much it costs to carry out a range of electrical work on your home.

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