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We know it's difficult to estimate how much a project will cost, that's why we've surveyed our tradesmen to give you an idea of how much you should expect to pay for specific jobs. Tradesmen all across the country have contributed to the cost guides, so the costs you see are an approximate national average.

Bath tub

With pipework No pipework
Low High Low High
Bath installation £150 £250 £225 £375

The bath tub itself will doubtless be the most costly part of your new bath installation. But labour costs from your plumber or other tradesmen can add up if you are introducing a bath to a new room, moving the location of your bath or fitting something unusually-shaped. Some of the cost will be down to moving or installing pipes, taking down settings and fittings from the existing bath and making good any damage that removal causes. This could be replacing tiles, repairing plaster or even re-laying flooring.

Installing your new bath

The material your bath is made of will determine its price, but the quality and materials of the surround, taps and fittings will also add up. An experienced plumber will usually know how to get the look you want for the least cost, so do invite them round for advice as well as simply for a detailed quote.

Also, if you want that clawfoot tub in your bedroom you will have to realise that there are plenty of extra plumbing costs involved that will make sure the water gets to your bath and that your floor does not end up a sodden, dangerous mess. You should also take bath capacity into account, as a larger bath will cost you more in both water (if metered) and heated water from your boiler or hot water tank. If you have a small hot water tank and not a combi boiler then you may have to consider a larger tank to go with your larger bath installation.

Rated People surveyed 49 of our plumbers across the country to give you an idea of the approximate costs for a range of work in your home. Please note these prices are average, do not include materials and are offered as guidance only, to help you budget when posting a job on Rated People. For a free quote tailored to your specific requirements, please contact our local plumbers.


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