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We know it's difficult to estimate how much a project will cost, that's why we've surveyed our tradesmen to give you an idea of how much you should expect to pay for specific jobs. Tradesmen all across the country have contributed to the cost guides, so the costs you see are an approximate national average.


Low High
Toilet blockages £100 £200

Blockages in your toilet are usually down to items that have been disposed of in the pan and flushed away. These can vary from toilet paper to nappies, or even toys dropped down there by children. But if a plunger does not remove it then your plumber will have to come out, inspect the problem and remove the blockage. The scale and the location of the blockage will determine the time taken and hence the cost.

Simple local blockages can be broken up or removed by your plumber, using tools or flexible hoses. If you think of the route that your waste takes to get from your toilet to the sewage system, then this is the length of pipework that your plumber may have to investigate and potentially inspect so that he can remove the blockage and get your toilet working again. This can be very time-consuming, especially if he has to replace or repair pipework that is beneath your floor. Removing blockages may involve cutting and removing lengths of pipe and this will tend to be more unpleasant and time-consuming when dealing with waste pipes.

Rated People surveyed 49 of our plumbers across the country to give you an idea of the approximate costs for a range of work to your home. Please note these prices are average, do not include materials and are offered as guidance only, to help you budget when posting a job on Rated People. For a free quote tailored to your specific requirements, please contact our local plumbers.


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