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Wet room preparation

Low High
Wet room preparation £100 £1,350

Turning your bathroom into a wet room or adding a separate wet room is a modern bathroom trend that has a lot going for it. It looks good, gives you a feeling of freedom and can add value to your home. It does not, however, come cheap. There is a lot of preparation work to be done in order to create a wet room, as you are creating an environment which is watertight and in which any and all surfaces may get wet.

This means that you will have to ensure that your walls and floor are water-resistant, as well as making sure that all fixtures and fittings can stand up to being wet or exposed to more damp and steam than you may get in a normal bathroom.

In most cases the entire bathroom or shower room will be designated as a wet room, although some prefer to create what is effectively a half wet room, by placing the wet room within a larger standard bathroom. The wet area is then separated from the rest of the room, with toilet and sink kept in the ‘dry’ area.

Preparing a wet room in your home

Naturally, the materials, fittings and extras you choose for your wet room will dictate how much the whole project of installing one costs. Shower heads, floors and even storage suitable for wet rooms vary greatly. But the preparation work itself involves a few days of work, ensuring that the room is watertight and that the drainage is suitable.

These are the most important factors in your wet room. In a normal bathroom, most of the water is contained in a bath tub or shower, so having totally watertight floors is not such an issue. But if your tradesman does not give you a good finish on your wet room then your joists and ceilings could soon be soaked. Not to mention your electrics.

In preparing for a wet room your tradesman will need to install a water-resistant membrane on your floor, which should go over the top of a primer. Tape and shaped sealers will need to be placed around the edge of the room and at any doorways.

Always hire someone who has fitted wet rooms before and do ask to see previous work if you are unsure about any aspect of the job. An experienced professional will not have trouble fitting a good wet room, but it does take time and expertise to make sure that the job is done well and will last. A good tradesman will be willing to guarantee the job and come back to deal with any snags.

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