How our ratings work

Our aim is to be the go-to place for trusted, local tradespeople and our reviews and ratings are a key part of that. The more ratings and reviews we build up for our tradespeople, the more informed a decision you as a homeowner can make.

What do we mean by a rating?

Our ratings are an aggregate score of all the ratings a tradesperson receives, marked out of 5, given to them by our homeowners. The criteria for ratings are quality, value and reliability.
The higher the rating, the better.

What do we mean by a review?

Reviews are comments that homeowners can leave to provide more detail about their experience with a tradesperson.

Unlike other services, only customers who have found their local tradesperson through us are able to leave a rating and review for that tradesperson. This means they’re always based on the genuine, real experiences of other homeowners.

Here’s a few key points about our ratings and reviews:

  • Every time we connect you with a local tradesperson we’ll send you the profile page of that tradesperson by SMS and email. We always recommend using these to help make a decision as to who is the best person for the job.
  • Ratings can be updated by the homeowner. This can happen during big jobs spanning many months, on-going regular work or when any issues are resolved.
  • A homeowner can leave a review for a tradesperson once they’ve received a quote.
  • Tradespeople can respond to the reviews they receive.

If you have further questions about how our service works, please contact us at [email protected]