How our service works

Homeowners post jobs to our website which we match with your trade, services and work area. Buy the job leads you want to quote on and then contact the homeowners to arrange a quote. Request a rating when you’ve completed the work to help build your reputation.


Getting started

1. Set up your profile

As a new member, a full profile page is the best way to showcase your business and win work. Every time you buy a new job lead, we’ll send your profile to the customer. Once you start winning jobs and your reputation grows, your profile page will host all your ratings and reviews.

2. Buy job leads

Job leads that match your work area and services will appear in your available leads list and are sent to you via email and SMS alerts. Each lead lists the information the potential customer has shared about their job:
Lead Example

3. Win work and get rated

After you buy a lead, we’ll provide you with the customer’s contact details so you can contact them and quote. If you win the job and the work is complete, request a rating and review to keep growing your reputation.
Mini-checklist and button

Need help?

If you need help with the service at any time or want some tips from our members, just check out the topics in our help section on the left.

Now you’re ready to fill out your profile and get started.