I wasn’t given the chance to quote

Before a homeowner posts a job, we tell them that tradespeople pay for leads, plus we give homeowners the chance to ask questions to tradespeople in our Ask an Expert section. This helps to make leads as serious as possible, but there are still times when homeowners don’t give you a chance to quote.

We understand that sometimes a homeowner may have given the job to someone else or no longer needs the job done, as well as cases where you’re unable to contact them.

When this happens, we’ve introduced an option to get credit back for up to 20% of the total leads you’ve bought within the last 3 months.

To ask for a credit

1. You need to be on a subscription plan. Pay-as-you-go members can’t ask for credit back.

2. Your profile must be up to date as incomplete profiles don’t usually give homeowners much confidence. The minimum is a profile photo and a company description.

3. You have to wait 48 hours before you can ask for a credit. This is to give homeowners a chance to get back to you. Do your best to get in touch with them during this time – the easiest way is to use the chat feature in the Trades app, or to call them from within the app. You can also send them an email or text.

If you’ve spoken to the homeowner and they haven’t given you a chance to quote, you still have to wait 48 hours.

4. You need to ask for credit within 30 days of buying the lead.

Reasons why we might not give credit back

  • You’re currently over the 20% limit of leads you can claim credit back for.
  • You asked for credit more than 30 days after you bought the lead.
  • We found that you were given an opportunity to quote.

How to ask for credit back

  • Find the job lead in your ‘Purchased Leads’ list.
  • Click ‘View full details’.
  • From the full details screen, click ‘I couldn’t quote’ and follow the steps.
  • Submit feedback about why you weren’t able to quote, and then we’ll do an automatic check to see if you’re eligible.

After that, we contact the homeowner to ask why you weren’t able to quote. If they don’t get back to us, or if they confirm you weren’t given a chance to quote, we’ll credit your account for the price of the lead +VAT – assuming you meet all the criteria above.