Reporting a lead and requesting a credit

If you buy a lead where the homeowner doesn’t allow you to quote, you can now ask for a credit on it. When we first introduced this feature we saw a high number of fraudulent claims for credit, so we were forced to stop it.

While it’s back, it doesn’t mean we’ll be granting all requests. The decision is based on varying factors and not just on whether the customer was contactable.

We do everything we can to inform homeowners that tradespeople will be in touch, and to encourage them to be clear about the intent of their job leads.

We also tell homeowners that our tradespeople have to pay for job leads, as well as verify phone numbers to make sure the homeowner’s details are correct.

However, there are still times when you’re unable to quote and we know that’s frustrating – so we’ve re-introduced the process as a good will gesture. We can’t approve every request, but we’ll credit you where possible.

There are two steps:

  1. Report the lead.
  2. Request a credit

We monitor the quality of our leads, which is why we ask you to report them.

If you meet all the criteria for reporting the lead, you’ll be able to request a credit.

We then look at every request – our decision to give credit depends on confirmation from the homeowner, how much you’re claiming and whether this is high based on what we believe is a fair amount.

We can’t grant all credit requests, even if you meet the criteria for reporting the lead – as the amount of credit we return is capped.

Before you report the lead

You need to make several attempts to contact the homeowner, and give them time to get back to you.

  • Call the homeowner more than once to try and make contact.
  • Leave a voicemail and/or text message if you can’t get through on the phone.
  • Use our ‘Request a callback’ feature, where the homeowner gets an email from us encouraging them to contact you.
  • Email the homeowner.

Once you’ve tried to get in touch with the homeowner, you should give them 24 hours to respond.

If you’re not able to quote on the job in any way, including a quote over the phone, you can report the lead.


Criteria for reporting the lead

  • You must have bought the lead within the last 30 days.
  • Your profile page needs to have four things – a company description, profile photo, cover photo and a primary trade selected. While you may cover more than one trade, you should set your primary trade to be the trade that most of your work falls under.
  • You need to have requested a rating within the last 90 days. This can be for any job you’ve completed.
  • You must be a member on a regular payment plan (this feature is not available if you’re on a pay-as-you-go account).

If you have a very basic profile page, homeowners might not have the confidence to use you. They want to see who you are, examples of your work, and your relevant experience.

If you were able to provide a quote, you won’t be eligible to request a credit, regardless of the circumstance. For example – if another tradesperson was chosen or even if the work didn’t go ahead.


How to report a lead

  • Find the job lead in your ‘Purchased Leads’ list.
  • Click ‘View full details’.
  • From the full details screen, click ‘Report lead’ and follow the steps.
  • Tell us about the issue you’ve had with the homeowner, submit your feedback and then we’ll do an automatic check to see if you can request a credit.

Once you report a job lead, we save your feedback to help us improve how homeowners communicate with you. If you go on to request a credit, we contact the homeowner on your behalf to ask them why you were unable to contact them and/or quote.

We give homeowners 3 days to get back to us. If they fail to do so or they confirm that you couldn’t contact them or quote, we will credit your account with the amount you paid for the lead +VAT, which you can use to buy another job lead.


How to request a credit

  • Log in to your account.
  • Go to your ‘Purchased Leads’.
  • Find the lead you’ve reported.
  • Click ‘View full details’.
  • Select ‘Request a credit’ and follow the instructions.

How we define ‘opportunity to quote’

We define the opportunity to quote as when you’re able to contact the customer and provide a quote/estimate for the job. This includes any time you’re able to go and see the job or provide a quote or hourly rate over the phone.

We define it this way because as an introductory service, we aim to connect quality tradespeople with more work and potential homeowners. Any time you’re able to make contact with a new homeowner and discuss your services, you’ve made a connection which may lead to future work, even if the current job doesn’t go ahead.


Reasons for a credit request to be declined

Our decision to give credit is based on a number of variables, including ratios of job leads to credit requests, and what other tradespeople in your area and trade are requesting.

We don’t grant all credit requests, even if you meet the criteria for reporting the lead – as the amount of credit we return is capped.

If your credit request has been declined, it’s because we’ve assessed the full details and are unable to give you the credit on that occasion. Or, because the customer has responded that you were able to contact them and they gave you the opportunity to quote. This includes situations where:

  • You were able to quote but didn’t win the work.
  • You won the work but the job didn’t go ahead for any reason.
  • You provided a quote or estimate over the phone.
  • You didn’t take the opportunity to quote (due to timing, job size etc.).
  • The customer indicated that they are still waiting on a quote from you.

Why can’t I see the ‘Report lead’ button on my job lead?

You can only report job leads that you’ve bought within the last 30 days, so the button won’t be available if you’re looking at an older job lead. You also can’t report a job lead where you’ve requested a rating or where you’ve issued an invoice for the work, as this suggests that you’ve already been in touch with the customer and were able to quote.

How do I check the status of a credit request?

    • Log in to your account.
    • Find the lead in your ‘Purchased Leads’ list.
    • Click ‘View full details’.
    • You’ll see a ‘Notes’ section which shows you the date you submitted the request and indicates how long it will take to find out if your request has been approved or declined.

Please allow 3 days for us to attempt to contact the homeowner. Once we have an outcome, we’ll update the status recorded on the lead details page and send you an email with the result.