Lead credit request policy – FAQs


When can I report a job lead?

When you buy a job lead, you should be able to contact the customer and quote on the job.

If you’ve tried to call and email them but they haven’t answered your call, called you back or replied to your email, you can report the lead. When your call goes unanswered, you will need to have used our ‘Request a call back’ feature (where we send the homeowner an email from Rated People, requesting that they contact you) and waited 24 hours for the homeowner to get in touch before reporting the job lead. Sometimes, a homeowner is just busy at the time of the call so this way, we can be sure they’ve had a chance to respond to you.

If you’ve been in touch with the homeowner and they haven’t given you a fair opportunity to quote, you can also report the lead.

Whether it’s contacting them or quoting on the job that’s the problem, you can then go on to request a credit for the lead if you meet the following criteria:

  • You bought the lead within the last 30 days.
  • Your profile page is up to date (including a company description, profile photo and cover photo).
  • You’ve been maintaining your ratings and requesting a rating for each job you’ve completed.

Our eligibility criteria are there to make sure that you’re encouraging homeowners to respond to you and allow you to quote. If you have a very basic, or empty, profile page and you haven’t taken the time to keep it updated, you can’t blame a homeowner for not also taking the time to be courteous by responding to you and allowing you to quote. It’s also impossible for us to determine whether a homeowner has considered you for the job!

Note: You’re not eligible to receive a re-credit if you had the chance to quote on the job regardless of the circumstances (e.g. you quoted but the job did not go ahead).


How do I report a job lead and request a lead credit?

To report a job lead when you were unable to contact the customer and quote, find the job in your Purchased Leads list and click it to view the full details of the lead. From the full details screen, click ‘Report this lead’ on the sidebar to the right and follow the on-screen steps. You’ll tell us about the issue you’ve had with the homeowner, submit your feedback and then we’ll do an automatic check of whether you’re eligible to progress to the next screen and request a re-credit.


Why can’t I see the ‘Report this lead’ button on my job lead?

You can only report job leads that you’ve purchased within the last 30 days, so the button won’t be available if you’re looking at an older job lead. You’re also unable to report a job lead that you’ve requested a rating for or where you’ve issued an invoice for the work, as this suggests that you’ve already been in touch with the customer and you were able to quote.


What happens when I report a job lead and request a lead credit?

When you report a job lead, your feedback is stored to help us improve how homeowners communicate with you. If you go on to request a lead credit, we contact the homeowner on your behalf to ask them why you were unable to contact them and/or quote. We allow 3 days for the homeowner to respond to us and if they fail to do so or they confirm that you could not contact them or quote, we will credit your account with the amount you paid for the lead +VAT. Your request will be declined if the customer indicates that you were able to contact them and/or they feel you were given the opportunity to quote. Your request may also be declined if the lead credit you’ve requested has exceeded what we’ve assessed is normal for your trade and area.


Why has my lead credit request been declined?

If your lead credit request has been declined, it’s either because the lead credit you’ve requested has exceeded what we’ve assessed is normal for your trade and area, or because the customer has responded that you were able to contact them and they gave you the opportunity to quote. This includes situations where:

  • You were able to quote but didn’t win the work.
  • You won the work but the job didn’t go ahead for any reason.
  • You provided a quote or estimate over the phone.
  • You didn’t take the opportunity to quote (due to timing, job size etc.).
  • The customer indicated that they are still waiting on a quote from you.


How do I check the status of a lead credit request?

To check the status of your lead credit request and remind yourself when you submitted it, log in to your account and find the lead in your Purchased Leads list. After that, click the lead to view the full details page. You’ll see a ‘Notes’ column to the right which shows you the date that you submitted the request and indicates how long it will be before you hear whether your request has been approved or declined.

Please allow 3 days for us to attempt to contact the homeowner. Once we have an outcome, we’ll update the status recorded on the lead details page and send you an email with the result of your request.