Rated People and TrustMark

We work with TrustMark to help connect homeowners with expert tradespeople like you.

The scheme is a quality stamp that’s endorsed by government and helps give peace of mind to homeowners when choosing a tradesperson.

Not all of our tradespeople are registered with TrustMark, but if you are, your badge will be displayed on your profile page.


New to Rated People? Get a free year’s membership

If you sign up with TrustMark, and you’re new to our service, you can get a free year’s membership. Just call us on 0800 953 4040 for more information.



TrustMark is the only Government-endorsed scheme for all trades in and around the home. It acts as a signpost to help homeowners find quality local firms and expert tradespeople working to Government-endorsed standards, providing you with choice, confidence and protection.

TrustMark’s Scheme Operators ensure that all their TrustMark registered firms are regularly vetted, inspected and agree to abide by Government-endorsed standards. They’re judged by a number of criteria, including: competence, customer care and good trading practices – plus they’re monitored for compliance.

TrustMark operates under licence from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) and is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee and a registered social enterprise.

There is no financial relationship between us and TrustMark. Our organisations are collaborating to ensure homeowners always know which of our tradespeople are also registered with TrustMark.

Why choose a TrustMark tradesperson?

  • Vetted, inspected and working to Government-endorsed standards.
  • Regular checks on trading practices, customer service and technical skills.
  • Deposit protection and insurance-backed guarantees available to cover high value work in excess of £500 + VAT.
  • Consumer-friendly complaints procedure with access to low-cost alternative dispute resolution service.
  • Customer feedback service.
  • All firms have their work independently inspected by qualified inspectors.
  • Skilled, reliable and competent local experts.
  • Free information, advice & support 24/7 – www.trustmark.org.uk / 0333 555 1234.
  • Free ‘Talk to your tradesman’ app  – www.trustmark.org.uk/ourservices/mobile-app.

How does TrustMark vet tradespeople?

TrustMark-registered firms are expected to be of the highest standard and to operate to Government-endorsed standards. Every firm’s technical skills are independently checked by a Scheme Operator through on-site inspections, as well as background checks on its trading records and financial status. Qualified inspectors undertake these visits, meaning that technical competence, as well as proper business practices and customer satisfaction are properly monitored.

TrustMark is a scheme that checks these three key elements: trading practices, customer care and technical competence. Firms that fail to meet TrustMark standards can be taken through a complaints and disciplinary process, and Scheme Operators have an effective dispute resolution service to firms and their customers.