Exterior walls

If you are planning to repair an exterior wall of your property, carry out routine maintenance or minor improvements such as painting your house, you do not need to seek planning permission from your Local Planning Authority. However, this does not apply to listed buildings and certain buildings within a conservation area.

General building planning permission

If your property is not listed or within a conservation area, you are free to carry out routine maintenance and improvements on exterior walls, so long as those projects do not seriously alter the structure of property. Painting your home does not require planning permission.

Listed buildings

If you own a listed building and wish to carry out repairs, maintenance or minor improvements that will alter the appearance of your home, you must under all circumstances consult with your Local Planning Authority to determine whether your project requires listed building consent.

Buildings in a conservation area

If you live in a conservation area, a National Park, the Broads or an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, you will need to seek planning permission if you are to re-build the exterior walls of your home or carry out a project that seriously alters the appearance of them. Planning permission is always required if you are to clad your house in any type of stone, pebble, timber, plastics or tiles.

Conversion projects

If you are to re-use or re-build existing walls of a property within a conversion project, the structural integrity of the exterior wall must be checked. These checks include:

    1. Weight and structural stability
    2. Weather resistance
    3. Energy efficiency and thermal resistance

Building regulations on exterior walls

Re-rendering an exterior wall or replacing timber cladding on external walls must be done in line with building regulations, these building regulations mostly cover energy efficiency. Where an exterior wall is to be altered by more than 25%, insulation will likely have to be improved to meet modern building regulations. There are specific requirements for the cladding of walls and a suitable a insulation material must be chosen.

Building regulations state that walls can be constructed in many ways by using a timber or masonry structure, through either a cavity wall or solid wall.
For more information on external wall planning permission and building regulations, please visit The Planning Portal.

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