How much does it cost to install a new external door?

Installing a new uPVC front door costs an average of £500 - £650

Low cost
Average cost
High cost
How much does it cost to install a new external door? graph showing high and low prices for external doors

Things to consider

  • What material do you want your door to be made from?
  • Do you want regular single or double doors, or bi-fold doors?
  • Do any of your doors need repairing or refurbing?
  • How much ongoing maintenance might be required for your doors?

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Installing external doors – what you’re paying for


Fitting a new front door or patio door can unlock a range of benefits for your home. Everything from opening up your living spaces and letting more natural light in, through to improved security and better insulation. When installing an external door, your carpenter or specialist door fitter will make sure that the door’s the right size and that it’s fitted correctly.

If required, they can add hinges and extra security features such as locking mechanisms to the door, but most will come with these items already installed. Once the door is hung, the fitter will then make sure that it opens and closes without sticking. uPVC doors should fit snuggly into their frame with a minimal amount of tweaking and adjusting required, but wooden doors may need planing or sanding to ensure they fit well.


How much do uPVC doors cost to install?


The average cost of uPVC door supply and installation is £565.

uPVC doors require minimal upkeep, provide reassuring security features, and come in a wide range of styles and sizes. That breadth of choice means you’re bound to be able to find a door that fits your home’s style.

The majority of uPVC doors are glazed – giving your home a modern look as well as allowing light in. Some uPVC front doors will ditch the glass for added privacy, though. Replacing a solid wood door with a uPVC upgrade can be done reasonably quickly by an experienced door fitter.

Once the tradesperson has hung the door they can test the opening and closing action to make sure there’s no sticking. If there’s any friction, your pro will be able to make the necessary adjustments to ensure a snug fit.


How much do bi-fold doors cost to install?


The average cost of 2.7m uPVC bi-fold door supply and installation is £2,900.

Bi-fold doors are an impressive design feature, but they can be practical too – helping to save space and make opening doors easier in confined areas. In the summer months, bi-fold doors create an attractive open space that blends your interior with your exterior.

The size of the bi-fold doors will affect the cost, as will what they’re made from. The larger the doors, the more you’ll pay, and uPVC costs less than aluminium. Most bi-fold doors will pivot on tracks that sit above and beneath the door. In fact, fitting the track is one of the most important phases in the installation of bi-fold doors. Once the track is in place, the door (or doors) can be set into position and checked to ensure they operate smoothly. After testing the doors run well, your professional will then add any extra features, such as handles or locks.


How much do French doors and patio doors cost to install?


The average cost of French door and patio door supply and installation is £900.

French doors and patio doors connect your home and your garden. The cost of these doors can vary significantly depending on the style, size and system you choose. It’s worth consulting an experienced door fitter who can often suggest options you may not have thought of and find solutions to work around any challenges you may encounter.

Standard French door installation is fairly straightforward, especially with uPVC or aluminium systems as they aren’t prone to warping in the way wooden doors sometimes are. Sliding patio doors will require significantly more preparatory work, with your pro needing to install tracks and runners to allow the doors to glide effortlessly. If your tradesperson is simply replacing existing doors, then they may be able to reuse existing tracks.


How much does it cost to trim and rehang an external door?


The average cost of trimming and rehanging an external door is £175.

If your door is sticking or you want to move your door, you’ll need a professional carpenter or door fitter to trim and rehang it. The cost of the job might depend on how much needs taking off each door, but you’ll usually be charged a fixed cost per door.

If you have a wooden door that’s only sticking very slightly, a carpenter will use a plane to shave off a few millimetres. Smaller adjustments can be made with sandpaper, or if more than a few millimetres needs to be cut off the door then your carpenter will use a saw. They’ll then plane and sand it to achieve a smooth finish.

For uPVC doors, it’s not advisable to trim the outer edge of the door. Any sticking or friction when opening the door should be addressed by adjusting the door frame and hinges. An experienced uPVC door and window expert will be able to advise here.


How much does door refurbishment cost?


The average cost of repainting an external door is £210, replacing a door handle is £80, and fitting new hinges costs £90.

Whether you just want to refresh the finish on your front door or swap out parts of your door furniture, it’s best to contact a professional to carry out any refurbishment work. They’ll be able to advise you on the best paints or varnishes to use, as well as whether hinges, locks, handles and other items can be replaced – delivering a thrifty revamp for your current door décor.

When costing up repainting your door, your tradesperson will consider the amount of preparation required and whether you need the whole door repainting or re-varnishing. This might be dictated by your taste and the condition of your door. It’s worth spending a bit more for high-quality finishes as your front door is one of the first things guests and potential buyers will see when entering your home.

If your door hinges are worn, buckled or rusty, you’re best off replacing them as they may not be as strong as they once were. If a carpenter, joiner or door fitting expert decides that your hinges need replacing, they’ll take your door off, remove the old hinges, tidy up the area around them and possibly drill holes for the new hinges. They’ll then re-hang the door and make sure that it’s sitting straight and securely on the hinges.

Replacing old door handles on external doors can freshen up the look of your door as well as improving the security of your home. If your tradesperson is fitting new handles, they’ll need to drill holes before fixing the new handle in place with screws and attaching any locking mechanism. They should then tidy up the area around the handle and fill or redecorate any remaining holes if necessary.

There’s a huge range of refurbishment and renovation possibilities, even for the most dated of doors. This is where the knowhow of a proficient carpenter or door fitter can be particularly valuable – saving you the cost and hassle of having to replace an entire door or doorframe.


Appendix – Costs

Low Average High
External door installation costs
Supply and install a solid uPVC door £500 £565 £650
Supply and install a glazed uPVC door £525 £590 £675
Supply and install a set of French or patio uPVC doors £750 £900 £1,100
Supply & install a set of 2.7m uPVC bi-fold doors £12,400 £2,900 £3,400
Supply and install a set of uPVC sliding doors £700 £850 £1,100
Door maintenance and refurbishment costs
Prepare, prime, undercoat, and gloss a door with acrylic paint £150 £210 £300
Trim or resize a door £90 £175 £220
Replace a door frame £80 £150 £250

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