How much does roof repair cost?

The average cost to replace a tiled roof for a three-bedroom property is £4,500 - £8,000

Low cost
Average cost
High cost
How much does roof repair cost? graph showing high and low prices for replacing a tiled roof

Things to consider

  • Can your roof be repaired or does it need to be replaced?
  • What type of roof tiles do you have?
  • Can you retile using the same tiles that you had before?
  • Do you have any loose roof tiles?

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Roofing – what you’re paying for


Your roof is the one part of your home you’ll probably never come into contact with. That means it’s easy to unintentionally neglect it. But as anyone who’s suffered with a leak will tell you, it pays to tend to your tiles, slates, felt, fascias and gutters. A little regular upkeep can go a long way and it might prevent you from being hit with a big bill to repair more serious issues or even replace the entire roof.

You might need the services of a roofing expert for a number of reasons. Broken roof tiles are often the cause of leaks and damp issues on internal walls and ceilings. Lead flashings can also become detached and allow water to seep between cracks. If you have a flat roof, shingles can be blown away with strong gusts of wind, leaving the underlay and roof deck susceptible to rain and wet weather.

Your roofer will always try to diagnose and repair the specific issue that’s behind your roof problems. But if more extensive damage is evident, your tradesperson may recommend partially or completely re-roofing your home. Re-roofing will not only solve the immediate issue that needs to be addressed, it’ll enhance and improve the appearance of your rooftop too.

The cost of roofing repair work depends on the size of the job and the type of tiles being used. Slate tiles tend to cost more than ceramic tiles. Knowing what type of tile or slate you have can help a tradesperson give you an accurate quote for the work.

For re-roofing or roof replacements, a typical gable design will usually cost less, while hip roofs (with slopes on all four sides) attract slightly higher fees. You’ll also pay a bit more if your roof has valleys or dormer windows because the work’s more complex – with different pitches or angles and a larger surface area to contend with. Knowing how many bedrooms you have can give a roofer an idea of the size of the roof, helping them to price up the work.


How much does a new roof cost?


The average cost to replace a tiled roof for a three-bedroom property is £6,000.

The size of your home and the type of roof it has are the main factors influencing the cost of a new roof. That said, the type of tiles you choose will have a big bearing on the overall bill too.

When it comes to choosing a tile material, there’s no huge difference in how durable modern slates and ceramics are. Modern slates will usually last slightly longer and retain that neat, chic finish without becoming tarnished by algae and mould as quickly, though – which is why you’ll pay a bit more for them. . Ultimately, provided they’re installed by a professional, they’ll both do the job of keeping water out of your home. It’s always worth chatting to your roofer to discuss your options – especially if there are particular colours or a specific look that you’re after.

Building a new roof can be complex and hazardous – that’s why it needs the experience and expertise of a seasoned pro. They’ll ensure the work is completed safely and correctly, keeping your home warm and dry.

Your roofer will begin by taking the old roofing tiles or slates down. They can then look at the roof timbers and assess whether any repairs are needed. If everything’s in good order, they’ll lay new roofing felt – which provides an insulating and moisture-protection barrier. The bulk of the work is fitting new tiles or slates. They’ll be carefully nailed down and interlocked in a classic overlapping pattern.

Adjoining areas on the roof (where the tiles meet a chimney breast or a roof valley) will be sealed with lead flashings, fitted to provide waterproofing. Finally, dedicated ridge tiles are added to the apex of the roof to complete the job.


How much does it cost to replace tiles or slates?


The average cost to replace a set of up to 6 roof tiles is £80.

Missing, damaged or dislodged tiles are the most common roof-related problems. Harsh weather conditions and unavoidable ageing can result in tiles loosening and falling free, leaving gaps in your roof where rain can permeate.

A professional roofer will ensure that any missing tiles are replaced while they check for other loose slates. The bulk of the cost for this service is taken up by your roofer’s time. But it’s a worthwhile expense, as they’ll give your roof a thorough check-over.

If a hundred pounds or so sounds pricey to replace a few tiles, it’s worth thinking of the long-term benefits. Ignoring or neglecting roof problems could create serious structural or damp issues in your home. That might not only lead to more serious problems, like your roof needing to be replaced, but also result in you having to shell out for remediation and redecoration work inside your home. A professional inspection (and replacing missing tiles) is money well spent – it could save you from paying out much more in the long run.


How much does it cost to repair a worn or ripped flat roof?


The average cost for small repairs to a flat roof is £70.

If your home has a flat roof with a rip or signs of wearing, then a leak could be just around the corner. A roofer can inspect every square inch of your roof, find the area that needs attention and carry out any repair work needed.

In most cases, a combination of weather and age will have caused the surface of the roof to come away or the felt to tear and become damaged. Your roofer will get up onto your flat roof to inspect it and see where the problem lies. As well as looking for obvious tears, your pro will look for evidence of wear across the entire roof and recommend whether replacing the entire roof might be a more cost-effective option.

The time it takes to complete this inspection will vary depending on the size of your roof. Similarly, the cost of the job overall will depend on how much work is needed. Usually, this results in one (or both) of the following steps being taken – adding patching felt to the roof, and/or resurfacing the roof with gravel (or an alternative finish that you choose). If water has permeated through the roof, or if the damage is extensive, then your tradesperson may suggest installing a new flat roof, and potentially replacing insulation layers, too.

Appendix – Costs

Low Average High
General roofing costs
Replace pitched roof on 2-bed bungalow with tiles £3,820 £4,925 £5,810
Replace pitched roof on 3-bed 2 story house with tiles £4,500 £6,000 £8,000
Replace pitched roof on 2-bed bungalow with slate tiles £4,170 £5,000 £6,250
Replace pitched roof on 3-bed 2-storey house with slate tiles £5,080 £6,350 £8,500
Replace felt flat roof on single garage (without using decking boards) £1,000 £1,200 £1,500
Miscellaneous roofing costs
Replace 1–6 broken or missing tiles £50 £80 £95
Replace 1 ridge tile £80 £85 £90
Replace 6 ridge tiles £160 £210 £260
Fit roof vents £250 £375 £500
Leaking pitched roof repair for 3-bed house £90 £150 £200
Repair lead chimney flashing £350 £400 £500

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