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How can I repair my wall that is taking in water?

Posted by Chris Lynch, on
I recently moved into a house that had previously been rendered with pebble dash,. this was removed by the owners,. in the recent storm, I experienced damage to the roof of the house which allowed water in, however the damage is down three walls internally and the roofer believes it is due to the walls previous being rendered and now the bricks are soaking up the water but this only became apparent with the bad weather. Can I apply a sealant to repair and secure water or paint the wall?
Joseph Smith

Joseph Smith

Hi Chris, sounds like water is penetrating through, but usually more water penetrates through the mortar more than the brick it self. Applying a water seal usually dose the trick but only if the pointing is solid and no gaps. But if the wall need repointing then repoint where needed using a waterproof mix, then apply two coats of water seal only after letting any repointing work dry completely out. Thanks, and hope I have helped you.
Mark Leverton

Mark Leverton

As long as your roof, fascia, soffits and guttering are all in good condition and your damp proof course is good there shouldn't be any way that water can seep through your walls. Photos of the wall would help?
Robert Shaw

Robert Shaw

you can always try a tompson water sealant witch can be used to help seal porous brick work you will be require to applied two coats if that dose not work could always render again
william jones

william jones

First of all are you quite sure it's not your roof and have you had any other roofers there for a second or even third opinion it won't cost you anything and if the house was pebble dashed and now it's not the brickwork must be in bad shape for it to be soaking three walls at a guess it sounds like more the eve tiles possible letting in water but as I've said you must get other opinions from other tradesman hope this helps

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