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Damp proofing

Posted by Frank Lewent, on
A rated people builder recently put in a door in our basement flat without addressing the issue of damp proofing. This has resulted in blown plaster and warped woodwork and door. The entire lower ground floor was treated with injection damp proofing a few years ago, but now has a gap where the new door is. Do I need to get it all re-done, or is it possible to treat the area alone? Naturally I would prefer the builder who botched it to repair the damage but I don't trust him...
Richard Newbery

Richard Newbery

Do i take it that reading your problem is that the doorway was new and cut into the wall disturbing the damp course? If thats the case then a physical DPC should have been placed below the doorframe and up the sides at least 300mm higher than the level of the injected dampcourse obviously if the frame and door is beyond repair then it will need to be removed and replaced ,the frame will need removing anyway to install the DPC ,hope this helps, contact the builder and explain your situation i am sure you will reach a solution
Chris Plastow

Chris Plastow

If the interior of the basement flat is below the exterior ground level, injection will NEVER work, this could be the starting point for the repair. It should have been tanked! The door frame should be isolated from the structure is any case, yes, the frame will have to come out.
Michael Gardner

Michael Gardner

best thing to do is blast him with bad ratings , or call him first and suggest thats what you intend doing that would cost him a lot of money in the long run so its in is best interest to sort out for you . Regards

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