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Posted by Helen Paterson , on
I hired a builder to install a woodburning stove. Although not HETAS registered himself, he said a certified colleague could check and sign off the work. This builder had done lots of excellent work for a friend, so when he showed up without HETAS reg. mate, I was not too worried, and allowed him to continue with the work. When he declared job finished, I paid him. However, I later saw that the stove is not properly installed (the register plate is not properly fitted or sealed). He has agreed to return, but remains firmly silent on the subject of arranging a proper certificate. Should I allow him to put right his work, or insist that he bring his HETAS mate with the threat of sueing him?
Radoslaw Tober

Radoslaw Tober

Hello Suing him should be an absolute last resort, it can be expensive and you’re not guaranteed to succeed, Give the tradesman a chance to fix the problem for free, majority of builders are friendly, honest, dependable blokes who want to do a good job.

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