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Break Wall

Posted by Imran Sattar, on
I want to break wall between kitchen and diner. I don't know if it is weight bearing and what regulations to follow? Secondly, how much clearance I will have at each end?

dale burford

hi ,load bearing is if the ground floor wall is of solid construction and it continues to be of solid construction through first floor to ceilings. if the wall above is a stud work wall then it is not load bearing,but generally is supporting ceiling joists which normally run the shortest distance of any given room dimension. if not load bearing then a catnic heavy duty lintel will be sufficient . if not load bearing the ceiling to either side of the wall to be removed will need to be supported by acrow props and planks. if load bearing then acrow props and needles,(temporary support steels) will need to be used. and an rsj(rolled steel joist) will have to be used to the dimensions of a certified engineer. weather load bearing or not the lintels/U beam,should be bedded in mortar 150mm each end so 300mm in total wider than proposed opening and normally on cast concrete pad stones. either solution will require fire proofing prior to plastering and will need to be inspected and signed off by a local authority building inspector. I hope this helps.
Michael Tucker

Michael Tucker

Hello imran, I would strongly suggest you get an expert in. Post your job on rated people and you should get sorted budget £100 Regards Michael
adrian martin

adrian martin

hi .Imran, if the wall is made of concrete block, work out which way the floor boards lay up stairs,take a board up if possible to make sure it is load bearing, some up stairs walls are stud .I always leave 300 mil both ends cheers ady

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