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Ventilation in the loft. Do we need a roofer or can a builder do it?

Posted by F Dawes, on
We need ventilation of some kind in the oft as we're getting lots of condensation now we've got central heating in place. Do we need to hire a roofer or can a regular builder do it?
sam boswell

sam boswell

id say roofer, (but then again I would) I'll tell you why, a good roofer would know what type of vent tile to use, also would not have a problem climbing on a steep roof to install them, also know which way up they go(a common mistake to make) when your not use to fitting them. builders don't like clambering up roofs(that's why their builders)
Michael Tucker

Michael Tucker

Hello F I would suggest a roofer. Put your job onto rated people's site to get a free quotation & site visit. Regards Michael
Jesse Clarke

Jesse Clarke

Id Suggest a roofer. Always best to use a master of a trade rather than a jack of all trades. A roofer would best know which type of vent to use, how many you will need and where they need to be located. A roofer is (generally speaking) a lot less likely to cause damage while on the roof as we are more adapted to walking / working on them. Hope this helps. Jesse Max Roofing maxroofing. co. uk
Martyn Goodram

Martyn Goodram

Hi, no need for a roofer as the loft ventilation unit sits in the attic and ventilates through the ceiling.Most damp proof specialists can do this job. regards Martyn Handy4hire Damp specialist

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