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Removal of internal wall

Posted by Jamie Willoughby, on
I would like to remove an internal wall in my house but I can't tell whether it is load bearing (it is not a stud wall but doesn't appear to be supporting anything). Who is the best person to contact to make this assessment for me?
Darren Munro

Darren Munro

If you are in a flat, go upstairs and talk to your neighbour. Establish if there is a wall in their flat directly above the wall you propose to remove. If there is no wall above then your wall is not load bearing. Therefore it is NOT load bearing. If they do have a wall, then yes your wall is load bearing. Then you need the services of a structural engineer who will apply for a building warrant to have the wall removed. Then you need a reputable builder to remove the wall. If you live in a house, just pop upstairs and check for another wall directly above. The same facts above should be applied.
Michael Tucker

Michael Tucker

Hello Jamie, Get it looked a by a builder first and he will direct you to the nessassery requirements. You can get a builder from this site to come out and give you a survey and some advice. Tradesmen pay for the opportunity to quote on your job. It is important to give tradesmen contacting you the opportunity to do so, the advice you receive is free. You are not obliged to use any of them. Regards Michael
john cunningham

john cunningham

Hi Jamie It may not appear to support anything above it, but may be supporting the ceiling beams above it. Look at the floorboards upstairs, if they run paralel to it the ceiling beams will be running into it and hence supporting it. JC

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