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Damp serveyor

Posted by jason farley, on
I have damp in my house upstairs and down need to know wot it is and how to get rid of it permanently so it doesnt come back again
Peter Barber

Peter Barber

If the dampness is present within the ground floor and first floor it will probably not be due to rising dampness. The most likely cause will be condensation. This will usually present itself as mould to walls and steamed up windows. Condensation can be controlled be implementing a few fairly simple measures. 1. Ventilate water making areas: the production of humidity is usually confined to kitchen and bathroom. I would recommend humidity controlled fans. Best are from Nuaire. 2. you could consider positive pressure ventilation. These appliances have shown remarkable success in the control of condensation. 3. Ensure that heating is set at the correct level. It is better to set heating at a low level in the wintertime at constant rather than off and on which can cause chilling of a property thus raising the relative humidity at the cold times. Best Wishes Peter Barber Structural Waterproofing surveyor
Antony  Jordan

Antony Jordan

Damp in houses is mostly bad maintenance. Guttering not working holes in bricks large garden bushes against the wall will hold damp in this area trees touching the walls garden soil against the wall higher than the damp course common sense is the thing with damp look around the areas with a problem and 9 out of 10 times you will find the course

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