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Posted by miss terri, on
Is it normal for builders to have money upfront?
Alistair Ewen

Alistair Ewen

Hi give them nothing till materials arrive on site then you can give them some payment but only to cover materials then when work starts and something has been done then you can pay the builder some more.kind regards Alistair w A and M Bathrooms.
Dee Verma

Dee Verma

hi Miss, i am in the double glazing industry and in my 30 plus years of meeting people i have found this to be a gamble. do you or don't you pay a deposit up front. i would say NO. reason being your putting your money at risk specially if you have a sweet talking builder on your hands. over the last two years there many have builders who have absconded withe the money that is far in access of the work done. i am dealing with three jobs at present where the total of the money taken by the builders between them exceeds OVER A HUNDRED AND TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND POUNDS far in access of the work carried out. one of the reasons being, that in this recession and credit crunch - the banks have been ruthless and reduced and in most cases withdrawn credit facilities and working capital from the building trade; hence the standstill of the housing market. Many builders are running into difficulties and are trying to dupe the customers in the process. So be careful. i would recommend paying in small stages BUT AFTER EACH STAGE IS FINISHED, INSPECTED, SIGNED OFF FOR QUALITY OF MATERIALS USED AND WORKMANSHIP AND THEN THE NEXT STAGE. when i do a job i don't take a deposit - full payment after the finished job. that's it! i'am happy the customers happy. Any BUILDER of reputable standing should be able to do the work with his own money. Also check him out and his work.

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