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Posted by Megan Quesada, on
We have a small amount of mould in a bedroom. The affect area is where a divan bed is against the wall. The other side of the wall that's been affected is the exterior. I would like to know if having divan beds makes mould more likely and which tradesman should I use to remove the mould and repaint the wall.
Christopher Debieux

Christopher Debieux

Hi, the divan needs to be away from the wall to allow ventilation, ideal temperature and ventilation should be obtained throughout the house, ventilation in key in areas like the bathroom and kitchen, very unlikely this is a failed DPC/DPM issue.
Mihai Simoniac

Mihai Simoniac

Dear Megan Your divan is not the cause of the mould but the damp that has penetrated your wall. Most probable causes OF the damp is the lack of DPC (damp proof course) or DPM (damp proof membrane) or parts of both damaged. Other causes may be your external ground level less than 150mm below your DPC level or a pipe leak...etc There are companies that provide chemical injections, liquid DPMs and offer warranties for their work. We are using CEDARECARE on regular basis and recommend them.

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