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Posted by Lynn Turner, on
I have a 1950s 3 bed semi, had the whole house repointed last October. I think the mortar mix was wrong as I can scrape the mortar out with my finger nail and it's crumbling out. Now found out the builder is not qualified so unsure of how to proceed. Would like my money back ASAP so I can get a reputable builder to redo it
Daniel Sullivan

Daniel Sullivan

Hi Lynn, sorry to hear you have had underqualified builders mess up the re-pointing. Whenever re-pointing any type of brickwork you must firstly remove all the old mortar, to a depth of at least 15 mm. And the joints must be cleaned out with a stiff brush . When repointing, the mortar mix should be of 3 sand to 1 cement. It should be mixed up one packet of the time as if too much is mixed up it will begin to dry out and crumble. This is maybe what has happened with your previous builder. A pointer prefers to use fine sharp sand for the mortar mix as it goes exceptionally har which is what you want of course . Hope this is of help to you, many thanks Daniel active roofing and building.
Daniel Sullivan

Daniel Sullivan

Hi Lynn , sorry to hear that the repointing work you had done is completely inadequate. When re-pointing brickwork, the old mortar has to be removed at a depth of at least 15 mm and you must use the correct mixture of sand and cement with the correct additives. Also when you mix up the sand and cement, it’s done in a small quantity , never more than an average size bucket at a time. The reason for this is if you mix up too much and use it it will start to crumble and go off.. you only mix it as you need it. It also has to be gauged correctly as in 3 sand to 1 cement . If you are re-pointing a listed or an old building, you may be required to use lime , in order to keep up with The building regulations. Hope this is helpful for you, regards Daniel, active roofing and building.

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