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I need to refit an illfitting bathroom door, can you help?

Posted by John DAVID, on
How can I adjust an illfitting door?
Edward Thompson

Edward Thompson

Hi John it's difficult to say, how is the door ill fitting? If the gap around the door is too small and the door is catching it's a matter of planing the door until you have a gap of around 2-3mm around the door, on the latch edge of the door allow a slight bevel ( leading edge) to give more clearance when the door swings towards the frame. There may not be enough gap between the door and the frame ( hinge bound) either pack the hinges or remove the hinges and plane the door to give more clearance. You-tube is good for demonstration videos if you want more tips or post your job on Rated People. Thanks. Ed.
Michael Tucker

Michael Tucker

Hello John, You will not get the correct answer because it's a job that needs to be looked at first. Posts your job on rated people's site for further assistance Regards Michael
danny winters

danny winters

Hi John There are so many causes might even be the frame twisted which is causing the problem,it might be an easy fix but you can not buy experiance and this is whats needed in this case.If you want to try yourself i agree with Ed look on you tube but make sure you have the correct and sharp tools all the best Danny
Neil  Redrupp

Neil Redrupp

It would depend on what is not correct about it. There are at least a dozen things that can cause a door not to fit properly

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