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Posted by Kevin Adams, on
As a furniture maker, I often see leads, for example, 3 metres of wardrobe for a budget of UNDER £1000. I don't buy these leads as I can't even buy the materials for that amount let alone measure, design, plan, order, make, spray, wrap, deliver and fit them! Yet I often (if not always) see these leads bought - so my question is how do tradesmen make them for that amount and why buy the lead if they can't?
Alistair Ewen

Alistair Ewen

As a joiner I do loads of built in wardrobes.if they want a 3 meter wardrobe building, for under a grand I can do that no problem it would be made of 22mm Mdf with a couple of shelves and hanging rails,sprung hinges, handles, 3 sheets of Mdf ,hinges, handles, a days work. Customer to paint wardrobe,I would do it all day for a grand.not everybody want rapt doors etc etc which would be more like 2 grand. It just depends what the customer wants and there budget. Regards Alistair Ewen

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