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Redeem credit

Posted by Winston Frank, on
I would like a refund on 2 cancle jobs thank you cheers
Dalton Thompson

Dalton Thompson

Hi Winston, All the details can be found on our credit policy page but I've pasted the key info below. Please note the criteria for reporting a lead / requesting a credit before you start the processing with us. Jon, Rated People ** Criteria for reporting the lead You must have bought the lead within the last 30 days. Your profile page needs to be up to date, including a company description, profile photo and cover photo. You need to have requested a rating within the last 90 days. This can be for any job you’ve completed. If you have a very basic profile page, homeowners might not have the confidence to use you. They want to see who you are, examples of your work, and your relevant experience. If you were able to provide a quote, you won’t be eligible to request a credit, regardless of the circumstance. For example – if another tradesperson was chosen or even if the work didn’t go ahead. How to report a lead Find the job lead in your ‘Purchased Leads’ list. Click ‘View full details’. From the full details screen, click ‘Report lead’ and follow the steps. Tell us about the issue you’ve had with the homeowner, submit your feedback and then we’ll do an automatic check to see if you can request a credit. Once you report a job lead, we save your feedback to help us improve how homeowners communicate with you. If you go on to request a credit, we contact the homeowner on your behalf to ask them why you were unable to contact them and/or quote. We give homeowners 3 days to get back to us. If they fail to do so or they confirm that you couldn’t contact them or quote, we will credit your account with the amount you paid for the lead +VAT, which you can use to buy another job lead. How to request a credit Log in to your account. Go to your ‘Purchased Leads’. Find the lead you’ve reported. Click ‘View full details’. Select ‘Request a credit’ and follow the instructions.

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