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Ceiling with water leak damage how to fix

Posted by Tracey Slotar, on
I had a leak from bathroom above kitchen, caused water damage and flaky paint on walls below and ripped wallpaper, plaster board beneath exposed. What is best way to repair the ceiling and to make sure fixed best way possible and then repaint? New plasterboard over old, remove areas of wallpaper where damaged, prime, seal, check for other cracks, skim, really not sure, different opinions I have received, please advise?
William Bruce

William Bruce

Hi Tracey. Remove old wall paper and any flaking paint. Making sure the ceiling and walls have dryed out, Prime damaged area with an oil based primer/sealer to stabalize the surfaces and also take care of any water marks/stains. Skim to flush the surface and sand smooth. It might need more than one skim. It should then be ready to redecorate.
Derek Nelson

Derek Nelson

Hi Tracey , you will have to strip back all loose & flaking paper & paint , fill any damaged areas & coat with stain block , so as the water marks don't bleed thru , then double coat with emulsion . If your plaster board is badly damaged you may be better to re sheet this . Hard to say really if you can't see the damage .he this helps you

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