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How many drops in a rll of wallpaper

Posted by anthony hills, on
How many drops in a roll of wallpaper
Tony Michael

Tony Michael

hi Anthony,you normally get 4 drops to an average size height of a room,higher floor to ceilings you might only get three drops,it also depends on length of joing pattern if there is one. thanks tony
Phillip Vorster

Phillip Vorster

If there is no pattern match it will be 4 drops, and if it is patterned around 3 drops. This also depends on the height from ceiling to floor.
Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith

Hi Anthony, it depends on the height of your room/s and the pattern of paper. If you give the dimensions, height , width to your supplier they should work it out for you. Maybe google a 'wallpaper calculator' . Regards Andy A.L.SMITH DECORATING SERVICES

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