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How easy is it to paint over "spar"

Posted by David Garland, on
How easy is it to paint over "spar" on the front of my house. It's a bit like pebble dash but more very small bits rather than pebbles. Other houses in the street seem to have had it done in the past. I don't want the hassle of removing the rendering !!
Anthony Edmunds / Kalveena Griffiths

Anthony Edmunds / Kalveena Griffiths

Use a long haired roller. It needs a stabilising solution applied first and then two coats of your chosen masonary paint. It is a long dirty and time consuming job but the result is worth the effort. Each subsequent re-painting becomes much easier to apply.
Paul Long

Paul Long

Hi Dave if you use a good quality long haired Roller sleeve , and thin your first coat 10% water It should be fine Hope that helps Regards Paul PDL
ian williams

ian williams

hi Dave,the easiest way to paint spa is to use a paint sprayer as this gets into all the little bits with no misses,it will cost to rent a sprayer,but,you will save time on the labour as the application is much easier with a sprayer.Hope this helps.

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