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Gloss paint

Posted by Daphne Wilson, on
Is it ok to dilute gloss paint a little bit to make it easier to work with?
Richard Ward

Richard Ward

Hi Daphne. It all depends what type of gloss it is. If it's trade gloss then it's absolutely fine to dilute it Slightly with White spirit or a product called paint Conditioner which loosens the paint without thinning it. If it's non drip gloss then it's probably best to use it as it is. If it's normal gloss then you can dilute it but only very Slightly as it will leave you with sagging, drips and runs. Hope this helps. All the best. Richard.
Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith

Hi Daphne Yes it is ok a little as long as it is not non drip or one coat gloss. A.L. Smith Decorators, Est 1980
Tony Priestley

Tony Priestley

Hi, white spirit is fine to make gloss (oil based ) more workable, but try not to use to much as you will lose the sheen when dry.
David Rodgers

David Rodgers

Hi Daphne, yes it is ok with caution and care. There are specialist additives you can use or white spirit but only to an oil-based gloss paint product. First though stir the paint well beforehand then test on a surface with a brush If you cannot work with it add a small amount and again stir well. However, I would not recommend or advise with any of the water-based acrylic gloss products. David Rodgers & Son

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