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How to fix a very poor paint job

Posted by Amanda bell, on
We have just had some internal painting work done including a lot of woodwork. The painter did not prep the wood properly so the paint is now easily scratched off, has lumps/drip marks and is full of dirt. can this be fixed? is the painter will not correct it and I need to get it done again, can I claim money back?
Rated  People

Rated People

Hi Amanda, I'm not sure if you found the tradesperson through us but if so, I'd like you to have a chat with our Customer care team about this. You can reach them through ratedpeople(dot)com/contact-us. Thanks, Natalie Ask an expert team
Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith

It sounds as though he has used a water based paint over oil based paint without preparing the surface properly i.e. sanding all woodwork to be painting and cleaning down to remove all residual dust. If not this then maybe he has put a gloss coat on without an undercoat. A site inspection would be necessary to confirm, but either way it sounds like it all has to be sanded and prepped again and repainted from scratch. Maybe the threat of a small claims action might get some of your money back or the initial paperwork dropping on his doormat. Sending emails and letters with timescales to respond and settle amicably is a first step but ask for a realistic percentage to the job value to the faulty work.
Liam Newman

Liam Newman

it can be "fixed" by any professional. it would just require a lot more prep to get the wood back to a sound surface. without seeing it and going from your description the person you employed was no painter and unlikely to come back if they have been paid. You can however pursue them in a small claim county court however that should be a last resort. being fully qualified in the area and being a expert spray painter I can say this is a more common occurrence of bob the builder come painter come aqua life man trying there hand in decorating. should you need further assistance please get in contact!

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