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Woodwork preparation advice

Posted by Amanda bell, on
What should a professional painter do to prepare new and pre painted wood before they start?
Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith

De-greased? All knots on new wood should be coated with a knotting solution, all holes filled and gaps on top edges and corners with decorators caulk cleaned with a damp sponge to remove excess. And then two coats of acrylic primer/ undercoat, two coats of preferred top coat. All old woodwork needs sanding to create a key for new paint and to remove any loose or flaky paint and filling where necessary and two coats of satin or eggshell or one undercoat, one gloss coat. a light sand between coats is also recommended.
Liam Newman

Liam Newman

new wood should be de greased and then knotted. after that has cured a primer then fill any gaps or holes, undercoat and two coats of the top coat. in between coats should be scratched and the filler rubbed down making any repairs invisible. old wood is essentially rubbed down filled undercoated and 2 top coats. should you require someone please get in contact!

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