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After gloss undercoating, can I wait 6 days before applying top coat?

Posted by Michael Whitby, on
I'm painting all the woodwork in my house, so in order to avoid switching between undercoating and topcoating I'd like to do all the undercoating at once, then all the top coating. The problem is, I'm doping this at weekends and can't do it all in one weekend. So, can I apply the undercoat one weekend, and the two layers of top coat the next? I'm using Dulux Trade Undercoat and Dulux Trade High Gloss.
Barry Bird

Barry Bird

Hi Michael You can apply the undercoat one weekend then gloss the second. Each stage can be done on one weekend. Make sure you strip or sand down old woodwork and make free from dust. Unless it's raw wood most new gloss does not require undercoat just a good keying in. Barry All Corners Property Maintenance UK ACPMUK

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