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Removing vinyl wallpaper from drywall

Posted by Maura Grusse, on
I am able to easily peel off the top layer of the wallpaper. There is a light underlayer that I have wet and am able to also peel that off but under that there is glue and what looks like a layer of white (primer?) in someplaces on the wall. Not sure if I should attempt to scrape off this white layer it sometimes comes up in pieces under the glue. Should the drywall look completely like grey/tan paper when everything is off?
Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith

Hi, it sounds like the wallboard has been painted before the wallpaper has been hung and it is lifting because of the soaking process tho remove the backing paper. Scrape off what is obviously coming away but don't have to pay special attention to it. When all stripping is done and wallboard is dry the remaining paint edges can be scraped and sanded ready for redecoration.

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