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Removing wood chip and lining paper?

Posted by Helen Webb, on
Due to holes being left in walls, we are having to remove woodchip paper in sons bedroom. However it looks like there’s also some paper underneath - I think it’s lining paper? Should I remove this as well (it’s torn away slightly around the holes). The woodchip is peeling off pretty easily in largish sections just dry (when I pick at it!) so I’m hoping not to have to get a steamer for removal. Is there any advice about the lining paper - should I remove it too? Would love to avoid getting a plasterer if possible simply due to cost, but if it would be best would accept it.
Mark Ellery

Mark Ellery

hi, a steamer is cheap, £30 or so (even less if you get second hand). Steam it all off and start from scratch :-)
Les Copestake

Les Copestake

Hi Helen, No need for plastering! I’ve been a decorator for years and unless the plaster is literally falling off the wall I try to avoid it. Take off all paper, lining as well. Clean walls with sugar soap and sand down. Then apply a mist coat (20% water added to contract matt), this will highlight all imperfections and allow the top coats of paint to adhere to the plaster. Once all imperfections are highlighted, you can fill, caulk, sand etc till they’re ready for painting. Dependant in how much filling there is, there are different fillers for the job.
George Mackie

George Mackie

Hi Helen if you are using a steam stripper it will mose likely come off any way so take it all off and start a fresh .

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