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Kitchen cabinet painting

Posted by Liz Baker, on
Hi there. I'm looking to refurbish my kitchen by painting the existing cabinets (plus the trims and walls). The cabinets are glossy laminate so will require some prep work. Can anyone advise whether this is a specialist job - I don't know if a standard 'painter/decorator' would do this or if it requires someone who specialises in this work? Thanks.
Les Copestake

Les Copestake

Hi Elizabeth. I am a painter and decorator who also spray paints kitchen units. To paint high gloss finished cupboards, after cleaning them and using a fine sandpaper to give them a key, the most important thing is to Prime them using the correct primer. There are two or three I could recommend. Once primed and prepared, again there are several top coats which we prefer using but any good eggshell or satin will adhere.

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