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Hello i want to apply a wallpaper in my restaurant ?

Posted by Krishna ji prasad, on
Hello i was thinking to paint before then my friend recommended me to put a wallpaper in restaurant for a good ambience can u advie me how much it will cost for me to apply a wallpaper in my restaurnat please let me know as soon as possible
Paul Mullaney

Paul Mullaney

Hi Krishna As George has said there are some variables to be considered. Size and condition of walls to be papered, matching or non matching paper, standard width or wide vinyl, paste requirments for chosen paper, Access requirements, does the work need to be done out of hours with it being your resteraunt. All those factors will affect the price given by a decorator. Once these factors are known, usually by a site visit the chosen decorator can then price either per roll, or per m2. Hope this is of some help Paul
George Mackie

George Mackie

A decorator maybe charge per roll or give you a price and also depends on price of paper matching or no match. And size of room

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