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How can I complain

Posted by Ade Ogayemi, on
I asked the tradesman to remove the skirting board when he did the plaster crumbled. I asked him to fill the gap by replastering instead he fills the gap with this spongy material. I now have to pay him what can I do? I am not happy
Rated  People

Rated People

Hi Ade, I'm sorry to hear that you're not happy with the tradesperson you found. In the vast majority of cases, our homeowners have a positive experience using our service but we know that there may be occasions when things don’t work out. If this happens, our Homeowners’ Guidelines for Dispute Resolution outline the steps you can take to resolve your dispute. Please copy and paste this link into your search bar: Feel free to contact us directly at, if you need further assistance. Thanks, Alex Ask an Expert team

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