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Painting or wallpapering chimney beast with stove

Posted by Richard Hammond, on
Hi, I'm fixing a chimney breast that has a stove inserted in fireplace. Chimnney breast wall can get quite warm but not over hot. I'm planning to seal plaster repairs with thinned polycell 3 in 1 base coat , or emulsion, sand smooth. Problem: 1) would a wallpaper to act as feature begin to peel with heat? 2) should I simply paint? 3) what type of paint? I've had conflicting advice from shop- vinyl emulsion OK, vinyl emulsion would crack and peel with wall getting warm and then contracting. Some sort of specialist Oil based paint? Never thought this would be complicated as it seems. Any advice much appreciated Thanks Richard
George Mackie

George Mackie

Paper will dry out and peel with the heat after a time so put lots of paste on or if you want to just paint it you can get all different types of matt emulsion doesn't need to be vinyl matt.

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