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Hi, is it safe to use High Gloss paint (Leyland Trade) on floorboards?

Posted by Dec O’Dwyer, on
I’ve painted the floor boards in quite a big bedroom with a High Gloss paint, the odour is still really strong, one week later. I’ve since read the tin and it says not recommended for interior use on large surfaces. What can I do? Will the smell go, and is it safe for my child to sleep in there? i’m Worried about the toxicity of it. Thank you.
perry freeman

perry freeman

I'm presuming the paint you used is an 'oil based' based which generally have stronger longer lasting odours compared to the 'water based' alternatives. George is correct and the odour will go away with time but I would recommend until then that you do not allow your child to sleep in there. My other concern is that this paint used is not suitable for flooring and may peel within a short period of time. For any further advice, please contact me. Perry - SDS decorating contractors
George Mackie

George Mackie

The smell will go away but next time use floor paint dos not smell as bad and you can get it in a gloss finish open window to help vent the room

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