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Posted by Carly Gooch, on
Hello, we are looking to do quite a lot of work in our flat over the next couple of years, this would include moving an internal wall, swapping around the kitchen and bathroom and a possible cellar conversion. At this stage we just want to get quotes to know how feasible this all is. Would we need to contact lots of separate people eg, builder, electrician, plasterer, plumber etc or do any companies take on jobs like this in their entirety?
Jon Wild

Jon Wild

Get several builder to give you rough estimates for the big bits of work. Decide what you can afford and then ask the two or three builders you liked best to give you fixed price quotations for the work and make your choice. Don't go for the cheapest go for reputation
Mark Suffolk

Mark Suffolk

Hi Carly, my name is Mark from MKS Kitchen Installations Ltd, we offer a service that utilises professional tradesman in there own field but we come together on jobs of this type to complete the work for you, I can either project manage the job for you or just liaise with you for the duration of the work. I do agree with Gareth that its best to have independent trades to complete each section of the work and this is something we can offer you. Hope this helps.
William Keogh

William Keogh

Carly, I agree with the response from Gareth. I have done a couple of refurbishments using other Trades that I have worked with for years and I Project Manage the whole job. There are companies that do similar. I would not use a Builder that advises they can most of the work themselves has you can not be good at everything. Bill Pipe Dreams Plumbing Services Bournemouth (we can be found on Google under Plumbers Bournemouth)
gareth butcher

gareth butcher

Hi carly. I'm a plumber and if I were to complete a project of that scale I would employ separate trades to complete there jobs separately rather than a builder who says he could do everything. This may cost a little more but your be getting the best advice I believe as these tradesmen would be an expert in there own field rather than having a general builder who is a jack of all.

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