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Who can fix my ceiling

Posted by julie millar, on
My husbands foot has came through the ceiling which trademen fix this?
Karl Williams

Karl Williams

A plasterer would be the best tradesmen to make a repair of this for you these are quite a common accident and as long as the board hasn't been broken too bad they should just be able to patch it rather than re skimming the whole ceiling . Followed by a painter.

Thomas Foster

Hi, Depends how he put his foot through the floor. If it was through the boards above then probably both a joiner and a plasterer. The joiner will check the floor above and the plasterer will fix the ceiling below. Hope this helps. Tom
Mike  Simpson

Mike Simpson

Hello Julie, If you want to fix the ceiling you need a plasterer. If you want to fix his foot you need a doctor. Kind regards Mike
Anthony Edmunds / Kalveena Griffiths

Anthony Edmunds / Kalveena Griffiths

Hi Julie A Master Decorator would be able to deal with this. We often repair and redecorate ceilings with similar damage to yours. A plasterer will repair the hole. As to the invisibility of the repair you will probably still need it decorated for an acceptable finish. It s really up to you which way you choose. Kind regards Tony

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