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Gutter and driveway clean

Posted by Hollke Gale, on
We need to hire someone to clean our gutter and powerwash our small driveway. Which category should we list this job under?
Adrian Marshall

Adrian Marshall

Hi Holli, You will find there will be tradesmen within the 'Domestic Cleaning' section that have specialist equipment for cleaning gutters along with pressure washing equipment. Alternatively 'Brick and Stone Cleaning' is a good option for the driveway. I hope this is of help to you. Kind regards, Adrian Marshall Beckford Cleaning
Tom Rawley

Tom Rawley

Hi holli. You could put the heading under Brick and stone Cleaning for the powerwash of the driveway and mention the cleaning of the gutter within the desciption. Alternatively you could put it under general diy or landscaping as the driveway would come under the landscape heading. Up to yourself really but I reckon you would receive feedback if you put that under the heading. Many Thanks Tom T Rawley Stonemasonry

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