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Wooden Cladding

Posted by Nick Seear, on
I need some wooden cladding replacing on the exterior of my conservatory. Which trade do I require? Carpenter, builder or handyman?
Michael Tucker

Michael Tucker

Hello Nick, Any one of them really, but a builder will be more expensive. Simply put your job on this site to receive free advice and survey Tradesmen pay for the opportunity to quote on your job. It is important to give tradesmen contacting you the opportunity to do so, the advice you receive is free. You are not obliged to use any of them. Regards Michael
John Brown

John Brown

Hi Nick,any of tose trades would do although i would say a builder would be more expensive common sense is the key,i do a lot of timber decks myself so again this is something i could do ,just gives you a few more avenues to look at.hope this helps,regards,john,select floors
Dave Brown

Dave Brown

Any of the tradesmen you stated should be able to do the job. If extensive repair is needed to the wood itself a carpenter may be better,

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