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Hole in kitchen floor

Posted by elaine burke, on
Damp coming in from outside has resulted in damage to wooden kitchen floor which now has a hole where washing machine was-(thought damp initially was coming from washing machine but it turns out not). the corresponding area in the cellar underneath now has unsafe joits cos of the water damage so that will need replacing/the area of the floor and prob a damp proof course-not sure what this comes under for looking for a tradesman-could someone help.Elaine
Peter Barber

Peter Barber

Hi Elaine I think from your description of the problem you will need to post the job under Dampness Specialists. If there has been a water ingress from externally, or indeed internally, then there may be a fungal infection that you need to deal with. also it is most important to diagnose the cause of the dampness as otherwise it could re-occur if not diagnosed correctly. Best Wishes Peter Barber CSSW.,CRDS. Structural Waterproofing Surveyor

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