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Phone box

Posted by Jenny Wright, on
Can I move my phone box which is halfway down wall in hall
Allan Charles

Allan Charles

Hi Jenny, Yes you can, there are 2 ways 1) if the cable that comes in to your box is from the floor you just need to cut cable and relocate and terminate cable 2) If it comes from ceiling you need to replace phone box with a junction box and re-terminate existing cable and run new cable from junction box to new location and terminate. Hope that helps Allan @ ARC Consulting Technology Ltd
Russell Baron

Russell Baron

Hi Jenny Depends on if its a master socket or a slave. If its the primary box coming into the house you are supposed to get BT to do this. If its a secondary box that will be yours anyway you can do what you want with it Normally a BT box is quite a bit bigger than a normal ex box Hope that helps a little Russ

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