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Cheaper leads if I pay monthly?

Posted by Ilir Malluxa, on
I heard somewhere that if I transfer from a pay as you go customer to paying monthly that the cost to buy the leads is half what I'm currently paying. Is this the case?
Dalton Thompson

Dalton Thompson

Hi there, If you contact our customer care team through ratedpeople(dot)com/contact-us, the team will run you through how you can benefit from changing your plan. Thanks, Natalie Ask an expert team
Derek McCormack

Derek McCormack

You need to pay yearly to receive lead credits that work out over the year to be cheaper as long as you use the credit. i.e pay £100.00 and get £200.00 in lead credits. Just an example as they change the plans every year. Thats the only way the leads appear cheaper. Derek.

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