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How Do I Have a Dodgy Plumber removed from your Books ?

Posted by Roy Edmondson, on
I had Carl 24 hrs plumber round to stop a dripping tap ? A £100 tap was fitted & all seemed okay, but within weeks the hot water tap had come loose ? So after informing him , he came round & fitted new tap heads, which have also come loose, to the extent, you may scald yourself trying to turn it off. The plumber went to the states for 6 weeks, & won't return calls ? Leaving an 81 year old man to boil kettles for hot water over Christmas, Despicable.
john cooper

john cooper

I am a spark and find this type of thing shocking. Please do report this directly to rated people, this type of thing happens in all industry's so reporting it helps remove people that supply poor workmanship. I would always say mistakes happen but same mistake should not happen twice. Regards John
Dalton Thompson

Dalton Thompson

Hi Roy, I'd like you to talk to our customer care team about this. If you contact them through ratedpeople(dot)com/contact-us, a member of the team will be back in touch to help you. Thanks, Natalie Ask an expert team

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