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Bad lead

Posted by alexandru bolboaca, on
I try to contact the costumer after i buy the lead and he dont pick up my calls, any chance to take my money back ??
Jim Hill

Jim Hill

If you go in to the lead and click on the "Request a call back" button, the rated people guys will try to contact the customer. If they can't contact the customer you'll normally get a credit for the lead, Jim
Craig Cartlidge

Craig Cartlidge

Alex if you go on to the lead that you brought and you should have 3 options in white boxes just press the report lead and then it will take you through a series of questions you then have to answer the questions and it will check if you can get your money back. Be mindful if you have requested a call back you have to wait 24 hours before reporting the lead. Also rated people will check with the customer and then make a decision on whether you get your money back if they cannot get in touch with the customer then you have to wait 3 days. Hope this helps mate
Dalton Thompson

Dalton Thompson

Hi Alexandru, If you cannot quote, you can request a credit. Details on how to do so at Thanks, Josh Ask an expert team

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