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Which trade does washing machine repair come under?

Posted by Al Sonline, on
Which ratedpeople trade does washing machine repair come under? Kitchen , Electrician or Plumber? NOte: previous questions have been answered with: "Plumber" "not a plumber" "electricvian" "not an electrician" "call the manufacturer" and "check the yellow pages". So answer relevant to would be appreciated
Craig Fitzgerald

Craig Fitzgerald

Hi, rated people unfortunately don't have a specific category for appliance repairs, you could try using the general maintenance or electrician - lighting and power internal, If you are in the north east of England I'll be able to assist you further.
Ollie Norton

Ollie Norton

What you are looking for is an engineer, rated people as far as I'm aware do not cover these types of trades. You are best to refer back to your manufacturer and ask for a recommended engineer.

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