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Credit check

Posted by Rob Tierney, on
Are all your contractors credit checked. Do you check they have public liability insurance before allowing them to advertise on your site?
Steven Hill

Steven Hill

Traders are checked for insurance ie liability etc, but not for credit. If you bought a news paper and paid in cash, would you expect your newsagent to pull you said and credit check you?
Tom Quirk

Tom Quirk

It costs less than £9 a month for 5 MILLION cover, any tradesman would be a fool not to have it
Bernard Cowan

Bernard Cowan

I have £10m cover for my business, anyone who hasn’t is crazy. Anything could happen ! All self-respecting contractors should think about this seriously and ACT. It’s not a fortune and could save you a lot of sleepless nights too. I agree, this should be a pre-requisite for joining Rated People,

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